Generac Expands Smart Thermostat Integration Capabilities to Include Propane Tanks

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Ecobee smart thermostats now integrate with Generac Propane Tank Monitors as part of the companies’ single energy management hub for the home.

Generac Power Systems, Inc., a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, announced that all ecobee smart thermostats released since 2014 can now integrate with Generac 4G LTE Cellular Propane Tank Monitors to easily monitor fuel levels in the propane tank right from the smart thermostat screen. This integration marks the latest milestone in ecobee and Generac’s mission to create a more comfortable, secure, resilient, and efficient home energy ecosystem.

The Generac Propane Tank Monitor is a small, cellular device that attaches to the outside of the propane tank and monitors the amount of remaining fuel, helping homeowners avoid fuel run outs and plan for deliveries. The device is available through Generac Power Products, Generac dealers, and home improvement and online retailers.

Through the new integration, ecobee smart thermostat owners who have a Generac Propane Tank Monitor and subscribe to tank monitoring in Mobile Link, can easily monitor fuel levels from their thermostat and receive real-time alerts when the tank is running low. The ecobee smart thermostat also sends alerts if the monitor falls offline or needs new batteries so homeowners are always informed and prepared.

“As both ecobee and Generac look toward creating a more unified and efficient smart home, we are excited to continue expanding upon our integration capabilities,” said Greg Fyke, president of ecobee. “By integrating our ecobee smart thermostats with Generac Propane Tank Monitors, we are providing customers with added peace of mind and more control over their home energy usage.”

The integration is now available in all ecobee smart thermostat models released since 2014 – ecobee3, ecobee3 lite, ecobee4, Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, Smart Thermostat Enhanced, and Smart Thermostat Premium – and is compatible with all connected Generac Propane Tank Monitors for customers who are subscribed to tank monitoring in Mobile Link. Customers can also choose their notification settings on their thermostat or opt out at any time from within the Mobile Link app.

This is the second integration between ecobee and Generac – ecobee smart thermostats released since 2014 are already compatible with Generac home standby generators – as the companies look toward making energy management more seamless and convenient.

“This integration marks another milestone in our goal to create a single energy hub for the home,” said Kyle Raabe, executive vice president of Consumer Power at Generac Power Systems. “By integrating fuel monitoring and ecobee smart thermostats, we’re helping customers simplify monitoring their home’s energy needs and giving peace of mind that their generators are ready to power on in an outage.”

For more information about Generac home standby generators or Generac Propane Tank Monitors, visit More information about the Generac Builder Alliance Program is available here.