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By Alex Hunter, VP of Marketing at Higharc

For decades, growth-focused homebuilders have been held back by manual processes and a “whack-a-mole” tech stack. The outcome is almost always the same - higher-than-expected costs, slower builds and frustrated buyers. Competition and changing marketing dynamics only make things more difficult.

Higharc’s Homebuilding Cloud helps solve this long-standing challenge for builders. Powered by generative design and automation, we offer a groundbreaking approach for you to design, sell, and build better homes, with fewer errors, and faster than ever – all with one technology platform.

Builders with Higharc can experience transformative results for their business. Just last year, one of our customers finished 2023 much stronger than planned because of their ability to quickly take advantage of a new community opportunity using Higharc:

  • Added $10M in revenue
  • Reduced third-party fees by $100K
  • Cut soft cycle time down by 83%

We deeply understand that scaling your business isn’t like flipping a light switch. Our team partners with builders to examine existing systems, optimize workflows, and help transition you to Higharc with our industry expertise, implementation services, complimentary renderings, and more.

With the Higharc Homebuilding Cloud, builders can:

  • Develop Plans 10x Faster: Take drafting from months to weeks with powerful generative design tools and AI-enabled workflows in Higharc Studio.
  • Manage change in real-time with centralized data: Stop variance before it starts and eliminate time-consuming redlines.
  • Generate estimates and CDs automatically: Download lot-specific, permit-ready construction docs and visualize material takeoffs in 3D.
  • Modernize Your Sales Experience: Entice buyers with online home personalization, stunning renders, and 3D sales tools with real-time option changes in Showroom.

We are thrilled to be a 20 Club sponsor in 2024 and look forward to learning more about your business. Connect with us for a zero-obligation consultation and product demo or learn more about why Higharc is the next-generation cloud platform for builders at