Beyond the Kitchen: Unique Places to Add a Wine Column

By Bob Eustice, head of builder operations at BSH Home Appliances

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With the new year upon us, there’s no better time to help your clients give their home a refresh in unexpected ways.

For those passionate about their wine collections, a great way to spruce up a space is to incorporate wine storage solutions beyond the kitchen.While it may be obvious that a wine column should live in a kitchen or bar, why stop there?

Wine enthusiasts can appreciate the unique features and benefits that make Thermador Built-In Wine Columns an industry-leading preservation solution – and an option for any room or space. With capacity to hold up to 92 bottles, the wine refrigerators offer two or three zones to ensure all wines are stored at the optimum temperature and humidity.

Ditch the predictable and unlock the potential of your clients’ homes with wine storage locations that are both functional and surprising. Whether they are looking for a more personalized entertaining solution or to simply showcase their wine collection in unique areas of their home, here are a few ways to upgrade their space with creative refrigeration solutions:

  • Living Room: Turn their living room into a sophisticated entertaining space by adding a wine fridge next to a sofa or fireplace, creating a focal point and inviting atmosphere for guests to help themselves.
  • Master Bedroom: Whether they’re pouring themselves a glass while they decide what to wear for date night or looking to wind down with a relaxing bath and their favorite bottle, a wine column can be a great addition to any master bedroom or walk-in closet.
  • Home Office: Not only can their wine collection serve as a decorative backdrop for their virtual meetings, but as soon as they’re off the clock, they can conveniently pour themselves a celebratory drink at the end of a long workday.

Your clients personalize Thermador wine columns by choosing between stunning stainless steel or a customized front panel for a seamless and cohesive look that matches the rest of the space.

Beyond the expected, these unique placements for wine storage solutions offer a blend of style, functionality, and convenience, elevating your client’s home design and enhancing their daily lives. Visit the Thermador website to learn more.