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Leadership Development

NAHB is dedicated to discovering and developing volunteer leaders at all levels of the Federation, creating a strong benchmark that supports the future of the home building industry.

National Meeting Resource Guide

This handbook provides members an overview of what to expect during the NAHB National Leadership Meetings including governance, event details, key terms and more.

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“What an impactful two days! There is so much to learn and to understand. And from a local HBA’s perspective, to be engaged at such a national level is so powerful.”

Wes Robbins, NAHB member and Leadership Orientation attendee,

“The humanization of our executive leaders was an amazing experience for me personally. To be with them in person and to hear their stories was very powerful. It made me want to double down on my support because they are more than my leaders; they are now my colleagues.”

Benjamin “Jake” Harris, NAHB member and Leadership Orientation attendee,

“The Leadership Orientation in Washington DC was truly a remarkable experience. I learned about the vast amount of support NAHB provides to its members and I'm excited to share those benefits with our local membership. I also made new connections and friendships with others who genuinely want to help each other and the industry advance.”

Jennie Wunderlich, NAHB member and Leadership Orientation attendee,

“The Leadership Orientation gave us a unique opportunity to network, identify leadership skills, and create a bond and cohort with others that I think will remain strong for years to come. It was a great opportunity to see the bigger picture, connect, and learn from each other. And it also allowed the association to learn from us and for our voices to be heard.”

Myles Cardenas, NAHB member and Leadership Orientation attendee,