Rochester Homes: Model Takeaway

Winner: Print Advertising

Avery Floor Plan

Project name: Rochester Homes Model Takeaway

Company name: Rochester Homes Inc.

There is no replacement quite like physically walking through a model home, but every potential customer should leave with a takeaway about the home they just walked through. Rochester Homes took the opportunity to redesign its one-page takeaways to enhance the experience of being able to easily go back and experience the model home again from the comfort of their home. The front of this takeaway showcases an exterior elevation while pointing out key information such as square footage, number of bedrooms and number of baths. It also showcases some of the popular upgrades that were included in that particular model home. The back of this takeaway is what truly takes advantage of this new design. The back reiterates the key information about this home, but uses 90% of the available space to showcase the floor plan to help visualize the layout of this home. A QR code allows customers to go straight to the Matterport Virtual Tour to walk through it again virtually.