Blue Ridge Log Cabins: Bowens Bites

Winner: Digital Marketing Project

Bowen's Bites

Project name: Bowen’s Bites

Company name: Blue Ridge Log Cabins

When Blue Ridge’s President Chip Smith started bringing his feisty pup Bowen into work and would take him on daily walks through our manufacturing facility, the reaction from everyone was priceless, and the marketing department realized they had struck gold for a completely unique style of social media campaign. Blue Ridge Log Cabin (BRLC) clients have consistently been animal lovers, so what better way to capture the company’s Facebook and Instagram followers than to have this adorable pup take them on an educational journey? From “driving” the forklift, to supervising the log cutting station and even hitching a ride with our transportation crew, each week Bowen would have photos along with informational and entertaining copy as he toured around and learned all about BRLC. Not only were the “Bowen’s Bites” weekly posts captivating because of his canine cuteness, they also displayed BRLC’s building process and benefits. The “pupularity” of Bowen and his four-legged view of all things BRLC has made this social media campaign a fun, creative and entertaining way to introduce more potential clients to not only the product but to the company’s whimsical personality.