True North Log Homes: Social Media Outreach

Winner: Social Media Outreach

Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577

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Company: True North Log Homes

True North Log Homes uses social media to inform, communicate, entertain and motivate consumers. Content is always linked back to its website, so users can easily find out more information about the company, patents and floor plans. The company posts beautiful photos to its social media pages and utilize captions to explain home models further. It also makes sure to communicate with its followers; whenever they comment on photos, the company interacts with them by liking their comments or commenting back. The company also direct messages followers to ask for emails and connect with them as a lead.

The company understands social media is a platform many users are on to relax and enjoy their time. The company posts fun holiday images, polls and interior images that users enjoy and like to comment on. The main message that the company tries to convey on its social media channels is how beautiful a log home is. All images showcase the log materials and the creative luxurious designs they carry.