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Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes LLC: Brochure Design

Entry of Distinction: Print/Digital Ad

Contact: Devin Perry
(202) 266-8577

Timberhaven Brochure
Timberhaven Brochure
Timberhaven Brochure
Timberhaven Brochure

Company: Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes

With Timberhaven’s log and timber expertise, folks have successfully turned ordinary spaces into beautifully crafted interior and exterior sanctuaries by incorporating premium-grade timber accents. For these reasons, Timberhaven set out on a quest to capture a plethora of distinct timber projects, and the company showcased them in its new Timber Living Reimagined brochure. The 20-page marketing piece is donned with an abundance of professional photography, scripty-free-flowing fonts, refreshing white space and an interwoven message of home’s forever qualities: peace and tranquility. The cover features a jaw-dropping twilight photo of a previously mentioned sanctuary — the epitome of outdoor living spaces. Inside, readers are greeted with a warm introduction, an overview of Timberhaven’s expertise and a photo tour of various timber applications. It is printed on high-quality paper and finished with an aqueous coating to protect the beauty of the pages. The brochure is maintained electronically and is available via instant download from the company's website or as a public attachment in its CRM program that sales representatives can deliver upon request.