Rochester Homes: Website

Winner: Website Design

Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577

Rochester Homes Website

Company: Rochester Homes

Project Name: Rochester Homes Website

Three principles predicate the architecture, design and functionality of Rochester Homes’ website. In its conception, it was established that, to be effective, the website must attract, convince and capture potential customers. The design and functionality of the site exists to support these three principles.

The first goal was to build a website to attract customers who were looking to build a new home. People make a decision on whether to stay on your site or bounce off in seconds. They are making their decision based primarily on aesthetics of the site, more than written content at this point. This was accomplished by using original photography, uncluttered design, simple type and graphics.

Once the visitor decides to remain on the home page, a further goal is to keep them on the site in order to convince. On the homepage visitors are given options to investigate numerous support pages, where they can watch a video, search floor plans, experience Matterport tours, discover photographs and find a builder in their area, among others. Under the resources tab in the menu are pillar pages, which attract search engine attention through query terms, as well as an information source for the visitors to help answer their questions about modular homes and persuade them to take a closer look at Rochester Homes.

Throughout the Rochester Homes website, there are numerous opportunities to connect with the company by downloading the Rochester Homes’ Buyers Guide, Ranch Guide or Product Guide, to schedule a plant tour, to subscribe to the company’s podcast or to fill out the contact form.

Downloading the guide is the most popular of these options. Once visitors have completed the form with their information, they are then placed in Rochester’s HubSpot marketing automation system that interacts with our Salesforce software. Potential customers receive a series of messages over six weeks. If they choose not to be connected with a builder at this time, they are placed into a weekly and then monthly messaging system for one year.

Pages with floor plans, the customizable section, Matterport 3D tours and photos are the most popular pages. Rochester’s customizable section allows visitors to explore the products that Rochester offers in their homes. Whenever possible, throughout the site, custom photography was utilized.

In addition, there was a uniform rendering style in the execution of the exteriors to create a consistent look and adhere to design standards. This fully functional site was built to be attractive and convince and capture leads to support Rochester Homes’ builder network.