PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes: Print Ad Campaign

Winner: Print Advertising

Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577

PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes Print Ad Campaign

Company: PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes

Project Name: PrecisionCraft Display Ads

PrecisionCraft focuses on the custom design of unique log and timber homes. The best way to display its abilities is through amazing photography of its finished homes. The current ad campaign includes a variety of home photos with a cropped view that gives magazine readers a better chance to imagine themselves living within that space. The tag “Live Beautifully” reinforces the idea and invites readers to dream of their own future home. The simplicity of the ad is designed to push interested parties to PrecisionCraft’s website, where they can gain further inspiration and contact the company. By using a variety of photos, PrescisionCraft is able to attract the attention of a variety of potential clients, because everyone has his or her own idea of what his or her custom home will look like.