Westchester Modular Homes: Presentation of Home Plans

Winner: Presentation of Home Plans

Westchester Brochure

Project Name: The Best of Westchester

Westchester Modular Homes designed a new contemporary, sophisticated pocket folder that features “The Best of Westchester” on the cover and throughout the printed piece. When the customer opens the brochure, he or she is introduced to some of Westchester’s best-selling homes with beautiful interiors. The center of the pocket folder holds newly designed cut sheets featuring full-frame, full-color photography of the home plus floor plans and unique features on the back. Because of the nature of marketing high-end homes and creating that “first good impression,” Westchester has made the commitment to print full-color, glossy literature that displays its homes in stunning detail. After touring the factory in Wingdale, N.Y., or visiting sales models throughout the Northeast, customers leave their facilities with something in their hand to strengthen their buying decision.