Ritz-Craft Homes: Presentation of Home Plans

Entry of Distinction: Presentation of Home Plans

Ritz Craft Kiosk

Project Name: Touchscreen and Alexa Floor Plans

The marketing team at Ritz-Craft Homes worked closely with a programming team to develop its own touchscreen kiosk with floor plans, options and other marketing material that clients can easily view while touring a model home. Eliminating the waste of paper and the endless searching through computers for a floor plan was the goal with this kiosk, and by placing it inside a model home, it allows customers to explore what Ritz-Craft has to offer. Inside the app, customers can search for floor plans by choosing bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. One unique feature is that when selecting a floor plan, the kiosk app will show you related floor plans that are similar in size and specifications to what you requested. Still in its infancy, the kiosk has lots of potential to be a valuable tool for any builder in the industry with endless possibilities of usage.