Appalachian Log Structures: Brochure

Winner: Print or Digital Brochure

Applachian Homes Brochure

Project Name: Introductory Brochure

The Appalachian Log Structures, Inc. introductory brochure was developed to pass out at industry and other home-building shows and seminars to introduce its company, the products it manufactures, and the benefits of its product and services. It also provided an invitation to visit its website or schedule a model home appointment. It targets buyers looking for a company with longevity in the log-home industry, quality log-home building products, and a large selection of log profiles, corner notches and other flexibility in the design process.

The first open reveals text that highlights the unique differences that set Appalachian Log Structures, Inc. apart from its competition and reasons to consider buying from its company. The second open fold reveals two of its popular standard floor plans, general size details, and actual interior and exterior photos of the log home. The brochure showcases two of the company’s most popular log profile and corner styles in the photos to show some of the many options it offers in customizing the log home of a client’s dream. The tagline “Preserving America’s Log Home Heritage” alludes to the unique borate pressure treating process that preserves the wood in a log home, in which Appalachian Log Structures specializes, as well as the 40 years the company has been serving and preserving the long heritage that log homes have held in American history.