Special Category Multifamily Projects

Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards
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  1. Best Student Rental Multifamily Community
    Student housing communities are designed to accommodate the needs and lifestyle of college students. Student housing communities are typically located in close proximity to a college or university and offer amenities that are specifically geared toward college students.
  2. Best 55+ Multifamily Community
    55+ multifamily communities are specifically designed to cater to the needs of boomers and beyond. Developments in this category can be either apartment or condominium (garden, low-, mid- or high-rise), and can be either market-rate or affordable housing.
  3. Best Mixed-Use Community
    A mixed-use community is a development that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and/or other uses. A mixed-use development seamlessly integrates the physical and functional features of those differing communities while providing pedestrian connections. Mixed-use developments can take the form of a single building, a city block or entire neighborhoods.
  4. Best Multifamily Repositioning/Redevelopment/Adaptive Reuse
    Best repositioning/redevelopment/adaptive reuse communities involve multifamily assets that have been significantly and successfully renovated, rebuilt, adapted from another use, and/or repositioned to improve marketability and add value. Repositioning or adaptive reuse can include redevelopment of a portion, or all, of the project, modifications to the physical appearance, the operations or the general area surrounding the property.
  5. Best Multifamily Community Amenities
    Community amenities are features of a building whose existence increases the value or desirability of that property. Amenities can be lobbies, community rooms, swimming pools, parks and green space, rooftop decks, fitness centers, media rooms, demonstration kitchens, business centers, ground-level retail/restaurants, attractive streetscapes and many other features.