Marketing Awards Category

Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards
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Marketing Awards draw attention to overall community marketing campaigns, product identity and corporate branding efforts that illustrate consistent messages and themes that reflect the core values of multifamily communities and development firms.

  1. Best Interior Merchandising of a Leasing or Sales Center
    This category evaluates the interior design of the leasing (for apartment communities) or sales center (for condominium communities). Entrants will be evaluated on the quality, innovation and execution of the concept. The leasing or sales center will also be evaluated on the continuity of the marketing theme; functionality of the floor plan and layout; the use of color, texture and materials; and the interior architecture and art.
  2. Best Interior Merchandising of a Common Area
    The common areas of a project are evaluated on the marketing concept, and if they effectively showcase the property’s characteristics and architecture. This category will evaluate if the space is inviting, comfortable and functional. The use of color, textures, materials, furnishings and accessories will be considered to evaluate the common area in this category. A common area is considered space available to any resident or agent of the building — i.e., hallways, lobbies, leasing centers, community rooms and amenity spaces, such as fitness centers, media rooms, demonstration kitchens, business centers, etc.
  3. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Unit
    This category evaluates the staging and interior design of a model unit either in an apartment community or condominium community. Entries will be judged on how their interior merchandising of the model unit relates to their target market and if the space is inviting and comfortable yet functional. The use of color, textures, furnishings, and accessories will be used to gauge this space and how they complement the interior unit’s space.
  4. Best Overall Leasing Campaign for a Multifamily Community
    This category evaluates the overall marketing concept for the building and addresses measures of success, strategies and consumer receptiveness. Entries will be judged on the overall design and execution of the creative strategy, the continuity of the marketing theme, the layout and functionality of the space, and the impact to the leasing or sales made by the marketing plan.
  5. Best Property Website
    This category evaluates the functionality, navigability, appeal and user-friendliness of the applicant’s property website, including its flow and aesthetics. The website’s functioning at the time of judging will be used to evaluate the website, along with the quality and continuity of graphics used on the website.