Revel Folsom

Contact: Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards

Revel Folsom
Revel Folsom
Revel Folsom
Revel Folsom
Revel Folsom

Nominated by: The Wolff Company
Location: Folsom, CA
Developer: The Wolff Company
Studio15, Katerra
General Contractor: CSI
Interior Designer: Private Label International
Project Website:

Project Statement

Revel Folsom is nestled among its natural surroundings, providing meaningful outdoor spaces and walkability, while preserving a stand of oak trees as a prominent feature of the design. The architectural layout was also designed to fit the form of the existing topography of the site. From the lowest topographic elevation of the site to highest elevation, each building steps up or down an entire floor height internally. By using this approach, the west residential building contains a sunken floor strategically placed to allow for natural light and creates a three-story building as viewed from the courtyard and four-story elevation viewed from the opposite side.

About 10,000 people are turning 65 every day in the United States, and studies indicate that this growing population segment is looking for something different than what currently exists for addressing their housing needs. Furthermore, older adults want to either live in their own community or move close to their children during these years.

The design team has created Revel to appeal to longtime Folsom residents looking to stay in the community as well as older adults relocating from areas such as the Bay Area to be close to their children and Folsom’s amazing quality of life. Revel is not only the community’s name, but also personifies the vitality of the community.

The architecture embodies this as well with the sense of liveliness. Horizontal elements of the building are punctuated with vertical architectural features accentuated with rich colors to establish an exciting group of buildings that are very welcoming in scale. Revel Folsom is unique in the region, offering a distinctive living environment to complement the quality of life the city of Folsom has carefully crafted and nurtured. This is more than a place to live-this is a place to thrive.