Centro Arlington

Contact: Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards


Nominated by: Orr Partners LLC
Location: Arlington, VA
Developer: Orr Partners LLC
KGD Architecture
General Contractor: LF Jennings
Interior Designer: RD Jones
Project Website: centroarlington.com

Project Statement

Centro Arlington is a mixed-use development project that transformed an obsolete neighborhood shopping center and sea of pavement into a luxury apartment building with 366 units; 80,000 square feet of ground-floor retail; two levels of below-grade parking; and an open, green, public park. The goal of this project was to enhance the Columbia Pike community and provide much-needed housing and updated resources to a long-neglected area of Arlington County, Va.

To accomplish this, an old grocery store, shops and parking lot were replaced by a dynamic new community hub as part of the ongoing Columbia Pike revitalization effort. Centro has transformed this busy corner from a dated, neglected retail center surrounded by pavement into modern, luxury apartments with new retail businesses that provide important community services.

It was important to the community and the developer to include a grocery store to replace the previous store located on the site as it was a vital resource for the whole neighborhood. Due to the quality of the project, it was easy to attract a large, modern grocery store chain to anchor the retail space.

The building is designed around a public plaza, a green oasis that enhances this area known for asphalt and benefits Centro residents and the entire neighborhood. The developer worked closely with the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO) to ensure the property would meet the needs of the community and be a vibrant part of the area ’s redevelopment. It was important the project enhance and further Arlington County’s goal for a new “Main Street” on Columbia Pike. The overall design, ground-level retail and lush plaza are all part of Centro’s contribution to this effort.