NOVEL LoSo Station

WINNER: Best Overall Leasing or Sales Campaign

Marketing Projects
Contact: Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards

NOVEL LoSo Station
NOVEL LoSo Station
NOVEL LoSo Station
NOVEL LoSo Station

Nominated by: Crescent Communities
Location: Charlotte, NC
Developer: Crescent Communities
Architect: Dwell Architecture
General Contractor: Crescent Communities Construction
Interior Designer: CID Design Group
Project Website:

As humans, we are supposed to be together. We crave interaction, conversation, intimacy and shared experiences. We aren’t built to be lone wolves. While built spaces and technology have long brought us together, it’s starting to feel like real human connection is slipping farther away.

We now have thousands of fake connections instead of a smaller number of real, more meaningful ones — and we aren’t better for it. Too many apartments have embraced the idea of being “alone but together.” They may call themselves “communities,” but they are anything but.

At NOVEL LoSo Station, we believe that it is time to bring real human interaction back. In everything we do, we promote connectivity and engagement — creating a true community of happier, inspired, more connected people that are proud to walk their own line and color life outside of the lines. Located right on the Lynx Blue Line light rail, welcoming all to the Lower South End neighborhood, NOVEL LoSo Station provides the green spaces to unwind, the vibrant café and social spaces to toast friends both new and old, and the perfect front porch for connecting to the best of our city.