Finalist: Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Unit

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Contact: Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards
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Nominated by: The Procopio Companies
Location: Lynn, MA
Developer: The Procopio Companies
Architect: DMS Design
General Contractor: Dellbrook I JKS
Interior Designer: CUBE 3
Project Website:

Project Statement

Built on the site of the Spinney & Caldwell Shoe Factory in Lynn, Mass., Caldwell stitches together a perfect balance of historic craft and modern art in a city that prides itself in its rich history as it reaches forward and embraces what is to come. The design here is inspired by this pivotal time in Lynn’s evolution and from it an artful convergence of vintage and high-tech design, concept and materiality creates a unique story in which opposing elements come together.

The dividing line established in the amenities continues into the corridors of the residential halls where it artfully divides the residential units into two distinct styles: modern and historic. In each, the furniture, art and accessories were selected specifically for the crafted details that lend themselves to each style.

The modern unit is an extension of the monochromatic architectural palette with neutral furniture and high-contrast accents. The living room and kitchen area is bright and crisp, grounded by a bold pattern and color in the area rug setting the stage and layered with inviting textures. Weathered leather is used in a modern application to allude to the convergence of the historical and modern aesthetics. The bedrooms continue with light framework, black detailing and high-contrast accents, extending into a more personalized touch — a canvas where residents can see their own lives unfolding.

The historic unit is a welcoming retreat in a modern world. Black detailing is continued throughout the furniture and more heavily accented by traditional wood tones. The warmer palette is abundant in leather details, soft textures and familiar patterns, making this space feel like home. The bedroom brings more warmth with a wood bed frame, accented by neutral side tables and luxe accents, reminiscent of times past.