Podcast: Housing Affordability and What Policymakers Can Do to Solve It


In the latest episode of NAHB’s podcast, Housing Developments, hosts CEO Jim Tobin and COO Paul Lopez discuss the latest economic data and what is happening nationwide as the housing affordability crisis continues to be a key issue.

Tobin shared details from his recent trips across the Federation to various state and local home builders associations, which highlighted frustrations members are having. But there is also a growing optimism as more local and state officials recognize that the backbone of the community is housing and the need to build more.

“I think you’re starting to see more and more lawmakers — whether it’s local or state level, and certainly the federal level — recognize that NAHB and our affiliated partners at the state and local level, we are the experts, that we are the ones who are going to build this new supply, and we are ready, willing and able to roll up our sleeves and work with anybody at any time to solve the housing affordability crisis,” he said.

The upcoming Legislative Conference, taking place June 12 during the Spring Leadership Meeting, offers a critical opportunity to speak directly with lawmakers about the power of the industry to solve the housing affordability crisis.

“We are the solution. Not part of the solution — we are the solution,” Tobin stated. “We are good stewards of housing affordability, we’re good stewards of the economy, we’re good stewards of land use. And this is the industry you need to work with if you’re going to help make housing affordable for your constituents.”

Listen to the entire episode below, and watch past episodes of the podcast on YouTube. You can also subscribe to Housing Developments through your favorite podcast provider.

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