‘We All Build’ Celebrates All of NAHB’s Proud Members

Associate Members Committee

Associate Member Appreciation Month is a celebration of NAHB’s largest community of members and their contributions to helping the housing industry advance. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge the significant role Associate members play throughout numerous stages of the home building process.

“I ask that you remember this fact: We All Build,” stated NAHB chairman Alicia Huey. “That’s what we have in common from framers to electricians, to marketing professionals, to interior designers, we are all making homeownership a reality for many families across the country. We may not all swing a hammer or pour foundation, but we are all building the future.”

NAHB comprises more than 70,000 Associate members whose work extends across many facets of the industry from subcontracting to retail dealers, financial services and many more. Together with their Builder member counterparts, Associates can make a significant impact toward achieving common business goals and legislative priorities.

“It’s Builders and Associates coming together in all the ways that we possibly can,” said Kimberly Mackey, founder of New Homes Solutions Consulting and chair of the Associate Members Committee. “Through our legislative efforts, through our BUILD-PAC efforts, through our education, our outreach and our networking.”

The camaraderie among all 140,000+ members from many different backgrounds across the industry is what makes membership within the Federation so valuable.

“When we say ‘We All Build,’ to me, it’s very special because we’re not just building homes,” shared Billy Ray, president of Houzit Construction and Remodeling LLC and vice chair of the Associate Members Committee. “We’re building relationships.”

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