Keys to Success for Every Trade Professional

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Whether you’re a builder, contractor or designer, you’re driven by the same goals: profits and client satisfaction. The path you take to get there may vary, but there are two principals that every thriving trade professional shares: the need to be as efficient as possible and the desire to use only quality materials. If you nail these two items, you’ve set yourself (and the paying customer) up for success nearly 100% of the time.

NewAge Products Trade Program is setting trade professionals up for success by offering high-quality products and catering to time sensitivity.

Since 2008, NewAge Products has been offering industry-leading products for the home, both inside and out. From a complete outdoor kitchen setup with beautiful cabinetry and high-performance cooking appliances, to a multifunctional garage storage and workshop space, to a stylish home bar and entertainment room, NewAge has become a one-stop resource for trade professionals alike.

Here’s why:

Time and Cost Savings

Trade professionals choose NewAge Products because they can save in a variety of ways:

  • Tiered trade discounts and regular promotions
  • Dedicated trade customer service agents
  • Free virtual design consultations
  • Modular, yet customizable, cabinetry
  • Fully assembled cabinetry products
  • White glove delivery

High-Quality Home Products

Each NewAge Product is engineered and rigorously tested before it’s introduced to the world. The product development team maintains the highest of standards and requirements, holding more than 75 patents and sourcing only high-grade materials. The results are NewAge Products that stand up to the elements and last the test of time.

Case in point: Trade professionals are trying to keep up with the explosion of demand for outdoor kitchens. More and more home owners are looking to create a true backyard oasis, complete with comprehensive kitchen cabinets and storage, and cooking appliances. NewAge Products offers several durable, yet breathtaking, options: stainless steel, aluminum and custom stone cabinetry, to name a few.

Explore the vast array of categories and products offered today. See why famed contractor and TV personality Mike Holmes has declared NewAge Products to be Holmes Approved.

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