Lowe’s Foundation Grants Aim to Bolster the Skilled Trades

Workforce Development
Contact: Amanda Scharff
(202) 266-8430

Despite the strong earning potential of and high market demand for skilled tradespeople, the industry continues to grapple with a scarcity of workers. As the housing market remains underbuilt, industry experts say attracting more skilled labor will be critical to the near- and long-term strength of home building.

To help close the skilled labor gap, the Lowe’s Foundation recently launched the Gable Grants program. The program is a five-year, $50 million commitment to directly support community and technical colleges and community-based nonprofit organizations in preparing the next generation of tradespeople. The program’s goal is to recruit and train at least 50,000 people for careers in the skilled trades.

Through these grant commitments, the Lowe’s Foundation will fund each grantee for two years to help them build a sustainable infrastructure of innovative training and workforce development programs. The program will also emphasize the need to support and engage with under-represented communities.

Interested applicants from community and technical colleges have until April 10, 2023, to submit applications. Later this year, the application portal will open to community organizations.

For more information and to apply for a Gable Grant, please visit lowes.com/foundation. Lowe’s is also a key partner within the NAHB Member Savings Program. To learn more about exclusive NAHB membership benefits through Lowe’s, visit lowes.com/nahb.

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