NAHB Helps Local HBAs Fight Housing Battles

Contact: Karl Eckhart
VP, State & Local Government Affairs
(202) 266-8319

Roadblocks to housing affordability are in place all across the country. To help HBAs break down the barriers to ensure housing for all, NAHB's State and Local Government Affairs Committee approved financial assistance for associations through the State and Local Issues Fund (SLIF). The funds were approved during NAHB's 2023 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

The committee approved $60,000 for three state and local HBAs. Fund recipients include the HBA of Virginia, HBA of Georgia and HBA of Greater Portland.

Addressing regulatory agency staffing and budget constraints

The members of the HBA of Virginia are looking to receive permits in a timely manner for wetland and stream mitigation banks. But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch, Norfolk District has lost several employees essential to the permit process. The funds will be used for consultants to lobby Congress to address the staffing shortages and build relationships to secure funding for the regulatory branch. The HBA will be putting resources towards this project as well.

Housing affordability legislation

The HBA of Georgia is fighting local government ordinances that have placed roadblocks on the home building industry. For example, tree ordinances, design mandates, rental restrictions, zoning conditions, high permit costs, and delays in review or inspections have increased the cost of housing.

To address these issues, the HBA of Georgia has built a coalition of stakeholders to take this fight to the state level and pass legislation that can effectively address these concerns. The funding will supplement the HBAs investment towards a public relations campaign to educate consumers on the potential legislation.

Capital Gains Tax Increase

The County of Multnomah in Oregon is working on a ballot measure for the 2023 elections that would tax any capital gain made in the county by .75%. The funds will help provide free legal services to community members facing eviction by their landlords.

The HBA of Portland says the county currently has the second-highest marginal tax rate in the country, and further, the tax will affect building in the community. Builders nationally make up to seven percent net profit on their projects, and such taxes on top can jeopardize future development in the communities. The funds will help the HBA build a diverse coalition and voter education campaign against the tax. 

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