NAHB’s New Water Toolkit Provides Builders With Water Management Tools and Resources

Sustainability and Green Building
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As water costs continue to rise across the country, and some areas face droughts, aridification and water supply constraints, water efficiency strategies in residential construction can play an important role, and provide multiple benefits for builders and consumers alike.

“Conservation is the No. 1 technique — finding ways to use less water,” stated Craig Karn, principal at Consilium Design in Denver and vice chair of the Sustainability and Green Building Subcommittee, who also chaired NAHB’s Water Task Group. “And the secret to conservation is building awareness.”

One way in which NAHB is working to build awareness is through NAHB’s recently released A Builder’s Toolkit for Water. The toolkit not only explores issues surrounding water management, but also provides case studies that highlight how different areas across the country have tackled key issues such as water conservation, flooding and more.

The toolkit also includes helpful tips for builders to share with home owners to help them improve their own conservation efforts.

“We must learn to live better using less water,” Karn added. “We can help consumers be better water stewards by educating them on everything from the drip irrigation system to how they can best use their smart water meter.”

The toolkit is available on

To learn more about water issues impacting the western region of the United States and what builders can do, check out this Q&A with Craig Karn.

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