A Builder’s Toolkit for Water

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Water Toolkit

Water has become a critical issue facing builders throughout much of the country. Home builders and community developers are impacted by issues of ongoing drought and aridification, flooding, water quality, stormwater, and aging infrastructure. These issues are influencing the pace of building, the ability to build in some areas, and housing affordability across the country. Creating capacity through efficiency and conservation, reducing potable water usage through use of alternative sources of water, managing stormwater as an asset and implementing creative solutions can keep builders building.

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Home Water Use

Build efficiency into your home and reduce potable water usage.

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Water in Community Development

Learn ways to make water and asset for your project.

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Water Certification Programs

Above-code options to quantify water savings and validate your projects.

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Exploring the Issues

Learn more about local efforts to address water issues across the country.

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Making It Happen

Explore real-world case studies, and learn about available financial tools.