How a Poland-based Window and Door Company is Thriving in the U.S.

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DAKO is a leading manufacturer of window and door joinery in Europe. Over the course of 30 years, the company has grown from a small family business in Poland to a company operating internationally, including a rapidly expanding presence within the United States.

Alicja Biedunkiewicz
Alicja Biedunkiewicz, DAKO commercial director

In a recent Q&A, DAKO Commercial Director Alicja Biedunkiewicz highlights reasons for the company's success and how it plans to continue growing internationally.

With DAKO growing success in the U.S. market, how do you make sure your products are aligned with each state's specific standards?

Biedunkiewicz: We are very precise and thorough in checking requirements, conducting market research and most importantly, maintaining constant contact with the testing agencies.

How are your products transported from Europe to the U.S.? Does the distance significantly affect the lead time?

Biedunkiewicz: We use advanced technology in manufacturing our products, and we’ve streamlined our production and shipping methods, all of which help cut down our lead times and enable us to offer efficient delivery, even to distant markets.

DAKO participated in the virtual IBSx two years ago, but the upcoming NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) will be your first time participating at IBS in person. What are your biggest goals and plans for this trade show?

Biedunkiewicz: We are more than excited to take part in such an important event! We are eager to showcase the DAKO brand and product line on the industry’s biggest stage and to have a chance to discuss product benefits and business opportunities with potential leads.

During the virtual fair, DAKO DA-SkyLine patio doors were a finalist in the Best Window & Door Product category of the Best of IBSx Awards 2021. Which products will you be presenting this year?

Biedunkiewicz: We will definitely be showcasing the DA-Skyline patio doors at IBS 2023 because we want to finally present it live to all of the attendees. As far as the rest of the products, I do not want to reveal too much. However, I will say that all of the products we will present were selected because they address market needs and surpass consumer expectations.

DAKO products are not only functional but also unique in design. During IBS 2023, you will conduct workshops specifically focused on design. Can you reveal a few more details about what you will be presenting and why it is worth taking part in the workshops?

Biedunkiewicz: We want to present the key aspects of modern products and building techniques to illustrate how they can benefit both the builder and the home owner when successfully integrated into a new home. Every small detail matters when it comes to product design, and DAKO is continually focused on addressing all these small things to develop successful market solutions.

DAKO will be at IBS 2023 in booth number C5758. For more information, visit


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