Member-to-Member Recruitment Strengthens the Industry, Boosts Businesses

Contact: Rachel Mackenzie
Manager, Net Member Growth

Networking and recruitment are the foundation of the Federation’s success at the local, state and national levels. As NAHB grows, the collective voice of its members becomes stronger in advancing industry priorities.

To recognize the significance of member recruiters, NAHB has been celebrating Spike Appreciation Month throughout the month of November. HBAs and industry professionals are encouraged to celebrate those who broaden the Federation and promote a member-focused culture.

“Being active in the association has been what’s helped our bottom line, and recruitment is a major part of that,” said David Price, president of the HBA of Raleigh-Wake County and owner of David Price Construction LLC. “I strive to be highly engaged locally, so whenever I talk with non-members about all of the benefits and services available to NAHB members, a light goes off in their heads that they need to join.”

Even though Price”s company and the HBA are located roughly an hour apart, he is always willing and eager to meet with current and prospective members. And he is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave an HBA event.

Business-Building Opportunities

Member-to-member recruitment also affords members additional opportunities to partner and collaborate with new businesses. Matt Sellick, president of Stock Development, prioritizes working with other NAHB contractors and developers as often as possible.

“In business, you look for partners with the same core values as your company’s,” Sellick said. “We have a tight-knit community at the Collier County HBA, so networking with these trade partners at events over the years leads to successful results. Recruiting helps us identify future trade partners and build a long-lasting network through the shared values and benefits of NAHB.”

Steering Industry Initiatives

Bringing additional members into the fold also helps amplify the industry’s influence within state and local politics, as well as on Capitol Hill. Steve Carson, owner of CarsonSpeer Builders, leverages his connections within the Greenville HBA to show the value of the Federation through services like advocacy.

“As a Spike, the voice we build on issues like advocacy and the supply chain motivates me to make our HBA stronger every day,” Carson said. “On city, state and federal legislative or regulatory issues, growth gives us a powerful voice to make a greater impact on our policymakers. Members and non-members see our voice’s value firsthand. If we continue our outreach, more and more will be motivated to join our ranks.”

Innovation Through Networking

New members bring new skills that breathe new life into an HBA. And as the membership expands, opportunities will continue to grow for members to network and learn from one another.

“It takes one conversation to grow our organization,” Carson said. “If every member picked up the phone to reach out to a prospective member, I'm sure we could double the size of the Federation. Our potential is endless.”

Learn more about Spike Appreciation Month and how to become a Spike.

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