How Should Builders Protect Critical Data and Respond to Ransomware Attacks?


Bolstering NAHB’s data privacy and cybersecurity resources, a new podcast and accompanying checklist walks residential construction business owners through the steps required to secure company and client data and respond to ransomware attacks.

Over the last several years, data breaches and ransomware attacks have increased exponentially, with hackers targeting large and small businesses across virtually all industries. As a consequence, business owners need to be much more proactive about identifying ways to protect their business and customer data from these cyber threats.

Philip R. Stein, Esq., of law firm Bilzin Sumberg recorded the podcast embedded below to help home builders and other business owners in residential construction better understand why data collection is important and why it is so valuable to would-be bad actors.

Every modern company collects a trove of personal and sensitive data in the ordinary course of doing business. In the residential construction industry, this data can include financial and identification information on customers, prospects, vendors and more. This type of data is extremely valuable to identity thieves and other criminals.

Using the accompanying checklist, business owners can learn about the steps they need to take to safeguard this data beginning at collection and what to do in the event of a ransomware attack.

Listen to the podcast below, and visit NAHB’s data privacy and cybersecurity page for more information on data management.

Data Security and Responding to Ransomware Threats

Transcript not yet available

Listen to a brief overview of how home builders should set up their data protection and cybersecurity environment and what specific steps they should take in response to a ransomware attack. Use this checklist as you go through the podcast episode.

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