Data Privacy and Cybersecurity


The digitization of nearly all business processes has led to an overwhelming amount of confidential information and business data to be stored on servers and drives all over the world. While this transformation has been a net positive for all involved, home builders should be proactive in securing this data from cyber threats.

The loss of client and contractor data can lead to lawsuits and badly damaged business relationships. A cyber or ransomware attack can hit a company’s bottom line very hard. There are many things to consider when it comes to protecting data and systems.

NAHB is offering resources to help businesses in the residential construction industry keep the data of their clients, contractors, and partners safe while also protecting their own data and business systems from theft or catastrophic loss.

These resources should be used as a starting point when working with external vendors and legal counsel on a comprehensive data security plan:

Podcast Episode: Data Security and Responding to Ransomware Threats

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Listen to a brief overview of how home builders should set up their data protection and cybersecurity environment and what specific steps they should take in response to a ransomware attack. Use this checklist as you go through the podcast episode.

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