HBA Takes Aim at Fundraising to Support Pro-Housing Elected Officials

Contact: Meredith Wimbrow
Director, BUILD-PAC
(202) 266-8114

To achieve a high turnout and raise money to support pro-housing elected officials, the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts (HBRAMA) held a unique fundraising event: clay pigeon shooting.

The fundraiser, “Take Aim for BUILD-PAC,” took place in Burlington, Mass., where each of the attendees received a 12-gauge shotgun and 25 shells to shoot at the flying clay discs.

The HBA’s BUILD-PAC Trustee, Rob Brennan, president of CapeBuilt, and Gary Campbell, COO of Gilbert G. Campbell Real Estate, were leaders in achieving high participation and engagement, providing additional networking opportunities among the association.

“Both Rob and Gary worked tirelessly to ensure all in attendance had a great time together,” said HBRAMA Executive Officer Joe Landers. “And as a direct result of the event, we raised over $10,000 for BUILD-PAC to help NAHB continue to support pro-housing candidates.”

During the event, HBRAMA hosted a special guest speaker, Congresswoman Lori Trahan, who joined members to champion the need for housing and federal programs to ensure the American Dream of homeownership remains attainable. HBRAMA then honored her with the Defender of Housing Award to the cheers of everyone present.

“Take Aim for BUILD-PAC was a huge success,” Brennan said. “Not only did members help support their businesses by investing in BUILD-PAC, but they witnessed first-hand how their dollars support pro-housing candidates.”

Brennan celebrated the local collaboration with NAHB to ensure members have a seat at the table to discuss pressing policy issues.

“Collaboration is important between HBRAMA and NAHB,” Brennan said. “Members working together at the local and national levels with elected leaders secures our place as the voice of the industry, both at home and in Washington.”

BUILD-PAC is NAHB’s bipartisan political arm that helps elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates to federal office and is critical to NAHB’s success on Capitol Hill. To learn more and get involved, visit nahb.org/buildpac or email build-pac@nahb.org.

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