‘No Shame Pledge’ Aims to Combat Stigma Surrounding Addiction


More than 108,000 Americans died last year from accidental drug overdoses. The number of fatal and nonfatal overdoses has risen steadily over the last several years, and is reaching record numbers. For people who are struggling with a substance use disorder, one of the biggest barriers to getting the treatment and support they need is the stigma associated with addiction.

Many people who could benefit from treatment and other resources do not utilize them because of the shame and blame associated with addiction. NAHB continues to work with SAFE Project, a national nonprofit bringing a unified and collaborative approach to the fight to end the addiction fatality epidemic. SAFE Project works on the ground to bring solutions, resources and awareness to communities, campuses, businesses, and active-duty and veteran families.

Join NAHB in combating the negative public perception and supporting others in speaking up about their own disorders by signing the No Shame Pledge — SAFE Project's national movement to combat stigma because there's no shame in getting help for addiction and mental health.

The No Shame Pledge

  • I understand that addiction is a disease, and I pledge to eliminate the stigma for individuals, family members, and friends experiencing it.
  • I commit to learning more about the disease of addiction and to changing the conversation surrounding it. I support those facing these challenges and want to provide them with a shame-free environment to overcome them.
  • I will learn more about factors that contribute to addictive behavior — such as mental health challenges and trauma — and encourage individuals to seek the help and treatment needed to address them.
  • For individuals in recovery, I pledge to support them in their recovery journey by providing supports, not barriers, as they continue their path of leading a self-directed, safe, productive, and successful life.

Help spread awareness of, and shine a light on, stigma to save lives. Learn more about the No Shame Pledge and how to participate through SAFE Project's website.

For more resources to help combat opioid misuse, visit NAHB's Opioids in the Home Building Industry webpage.

NAHB also offers resources for mental health and wellbeing to help navigate this difficult time.

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