Helping Your Clients Select Modern Windows

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Window shopping can be overwhelming, especially in the context of a new build or extensive remodel. If your client is looking for modern windows but is having a tough time articulating exactly what they want, Andersen Windows can help. Follow these tips to help your clients select windows they’ll love, whether they want to create a totally modern look or just give a traditional home a bit of an update.

What Makes a Window Modern?

Simply put — “less is more.” Modern windows have thinner frames and less ornamentation, which maximizes the glass putting the emphasis on light and views. Here are some other factors that can contribute to creating a modern look:

  • Grilles (or lack thereof)
  • Trim color (think: black or natural wood)
  • Window size (bigger is better)
  • Window placement (beginning at the floor and stretching to the ceiling)

Start with Window Type

One of the easiest ways to create a modern look is by focusing on certain types of windows. Our go-to modern styles include the following.

Think of these styles as easy starting points for creating a modern look and remember any window can be made more modern due to selections.

Grilles or No Grilles?

Skipping grilles altogether is a simple way to create a modern look, but there are happy mediums within grille-patterned windows, too. Consider the following options:

  • On a more traditional home, choose modern black windows with colonial grilles.
  • For a minimal look, opt for a specified equal light grille pattern on a floor-to-ceiling window.
  • For a modern-classic look, pair an updated color with a simple 2-over-2 colonial grille pattern.

Window Size and Placement

Modern windows put the focus on light and views, so large windows are the play. Beyond just an increased use of oversized windows, we’re also seeing more full-wall window configurations featuring different types of windows, and even doors. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also on the rise and in surprising places — think laundry rooms and kitchens. (Read more about this trend in our 2022 Home Design Trends Look Book.)

Window Color and Wood Type

Black windows are a hallmark of contemporary design. But if black windows aren’t your client’s style, natural wood is a great option — and it’s a rising trend, get the details in our 2022 Home Design Trends Look Book. Natural wood adds warmth and texture to a home.

Hardware Choice

For a sleek, contemporary look, match the window’s hardware to the frame color. Select hardware with clean lines, geometric angles and smooth texture. Find all these characteristics in the 400 Series folding hardware.

The Easiest-Ever Contemporary Options

The window series below make it easy to achieve an updated look.

  • Our most popular 400 Series has a brand-new option that gives an even sleeker profile to casement, awning and picture windows, and it’s available in black.
  • Our budget-friendly 100 Series also features sleek lines. Frames are flat and unobtrusive creating a clean look.
  • Our most customizable E-Series windows feature thinner frames and minimalist profiles.

We hope these pointers make it easier for you to help your client through the window-buying process. Find even more resources like this on Andersen’s Endless Expressions blog.

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