NAHB Offers Training for Pro-Housing Candidates


To help create a business-friendly climate, NAHB members are encouraged to vote in elections and support candidates who prioritize housing. In addition to participating in elections, local and state home builders’ associations (HBAs) can recruit and train candidates by participating in NAHB’s campaign school.

The campaign school is free for HBAs and is led by NAHB experts with prior political campaign experience. The school is designed to explain the inside workings of the political process and provide potential candidates with the tools to run a successful campaign. Topics covered in campaign school include the basics of fundraising, how to set up a political committee and how to talk to voters.

Training can be customized to fit one or two days and can accommodate one to 50 participants.

View the complete campaign school guide.

NAHB’s state and local government affairs team also is available to meet one-on-one with housing industry-friendly candidates and work out a personalized campaign plan for that individual.

In addition to campaign school, NAHB offers an advocacy training program to help HBAs develop their advocacy efforts and political activities.

NAHB’s Guide to Building a Successful Local Advocacy Program provides guidance and key steps to help position HBAs as leaders in their communities.

For more information about campaign school or advocacy training contact Robyn Matthews.

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