NAHB Spike Club Offers Win-Win for Members and HBAs


Peer-to-peer recruitment and retention efforts have the greatest impact on membership success. That is why Spike Club members are often referred to as the backbone of membership growth for local HBAs.

As November is Spike Appreciation Month, NAHB is encouraging everyone to recognize the Federation’s best supporters and top recruiters from around the country. Donna Barrett, executive officer of Charlotte-DeSoto BIA (CDBIA), attributes the Spike program for giving her association a boost when it comes to member growth and retention.

“I truly believe that the Spike Club changed our focus on membership,” said Barrett. “It is the easiest tool for every HBA, and if utilized to its potential, it will help tremendously with recruitment and retention.”

Each month, Barrett posts a listing of Spikes and their credits on a board in association’s office. Simple, yet effective, the board motivates members to gain more credits and compete for the top spot. In addition to the recognition, CDBIA holds an annual celebration for Spikes, where top achieving recruiters win prizes like a free trip to the NAHB International Builders’ Show®.

“For these members, it’s a small token of our appreciation for recruiting,” Barrett noted.

Not only do Spikes help reach new audiences, but they encourage new and existing members to expand their Federation knowledge and build recruiting skills. These efforts are critical to an HBA’s success: An engaged member is more likely to fully experience the value of membership, actively attend events and meetings, and most important, renew year after year.

Top recruiter Robert S. August, president of North Star Synergies, Inc and longtime member of the HBA of Metro Denver, embodies what it means to be a Spike. Through several decades of successful business management and member engagement, August has continually sought out opportunities to share the true value of membership.

“When I recruit someone, it’s not just about the transaction or the money,” August shared. “I let them know that they need to get involved, whether in councils or committees, and immerse them in the association right away.”

To become a Spike, you must earn at least six credits before you can join. Spikes earn one credit for each new Builder or Associate member they recruit and sponsor. They also receive:

  • Increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities at industry events
  • Complimentary tickets to the biggest party of the year, the Closing Concert at the International Builders’ Show
  • Unique and valuable lapel pins for each level of achievement

Read more about the Spike Club.

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