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As home-building professionals continue to look for ways to grow and expand their businesses, one of the innovative solutions they may consider incorporating is building systems. The benefits of such systems for the overall housing industry have become more prevalent in recent years — namely how the expedited process could help boost housing affordability and aid in disaster response and recovery, and opportunities to construct with lumber alternatives.

To help builders interested in adopting building systems as part of their business model, NAHB has made available a “Homebuilders Guide to Offsite Construction” to provide an overview of the offsite construction industry and the various building systems, the benefits of these systems, and how to incorporate these building systems into your home-building business.

“Research shows that you can become more efficient, faster, with offsite construction, and even potentially save money,” Dr. Eric Holt observed during last year’s Building Systems Week. “But it requires a cultural shift within the company, the supply chain and even the business model.”

The guide was developed by Holt and a team of research assistants at the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver — in conjunction with NAHB’s Building Systems Councils, the National Housing Endowment and other industry partners — and details the origins of offsite construction and how it can help the housing industry overcome current challenges. It also includes key details to consider for each building system, as well as system-specific questions to ask potential suppliers.

Access to the guide is an exclusive benefit of BSC membership. To join the council, visit BSC members can access the guide on (Linked in the Resources section; must be logged in to view.)

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