Leading From Within: Associate Members Share Benefits of NAHB Leadership Experiences

Committees and Councils

The Associate Members Committee represents and serves the interests of NAHB members who provide products and services to home builders, developers and remodelers, and is a great way for Associate members to invest in the work of the Federation. But it’s not the only opportunity that Associate members have to get involved, and serving in other capacities can provide growth and learning opportunities.

“Working in conjunction with other members to further support our industry is very rewarding,” observed Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions Consulting and 2021 National Sales and Marketing Council chair. “I have colleagues and friends across the country to call for advice, introductions, and support.”

“If you’re going to make your living in the building industry, you need to know what’s going on and how it can affect your livelihood,” shared Michael Kurpiel of Carter Lumber, who is currently serving as the state representative for New Jersey. “Being involved gives me a better understanding of what is going on in the industry as a whole.”

“Being a member is more than just ‘paying your yearly dues,’” added Dianne Beaton of 2DiFore Marketing Solutions LLC and 2021 Membership Committee chair. “It’s about a family, it’s about friendships, it’s about housing. And we are all in this together. It’s about understanding what goes into building a home, materials, costs and the legislative process.”

Understanding the industry as a whole also means understanding different perspectives not only within home building, but from different areas of the country as well.

“[NAHB leadership] has helped me learn how to communicate better and understand that there’s more than one point of view,” Kurpiel shared. “It’s helped me understand how to work with those points of view and communicate what you do to other people you do business with.”

“There are many skills one learns when navigating committees and leadership that apply in business,” Mackey added. “However, the network of professionals I can call across the country has helped my business thrive.”

It also provides Associate members with better connections to Builder members, not just from a networking standpoint but also ensuring a unified industry.

“[My perspective as an Associate member] has helped others to understand that Associate trade partners are just as committed to NAHB and its affiliated locals as Builders and Remodelers,” Beaton stated. “We are there to help their businesses grow and their communities grow.”

“At the end of the day, we have to all be successful,” Kurpiel added. “If it affects a Builder, it affects an Associate.”

Members across the Federation can get more involved with NAHB by serving on a committee or council board of trustees. These groups meet during the Spring and Fall Leadership Meetings and at the International Builders’ Show to discuss legislative and regulatory news, business updates, economic and design trends and other issues of importance to the membership and to the industry.

Applications are due Sunday, Oct. 31. To learn more, visit nahb.org and attend the virtual roundtable discussion on Oct. 7 with NAHB Third Chairman Carl Harris.

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