How Remodelers Can Improve Their Target Marketing


As home owners across the country have spent more time at home during the pandemic, millions have discovered new reasons and opportunities to invest in home improvements.

Creating home offices, improving energy efficiency and expanding outdoor living spaces are just a few of the areas on which home owners have become more focused — aside from the traditionally popular projects such as kitchen and bath remodels.

However, the question for successful remodeling companies is not so much what home improvements are the most popular. Rather, the question is where home owners are spending the most. Such information can help remodelers, product manufacturers and many other industry pros accurately gauge home improvement spending trends and more efficiently target their marketing efforts.

The answers are found in NAHB’s Remodeling Expenditures by ZIP Code datasets, which give remodelers unique insights about market conditions nationwide, as well as in their immediate and surrounding regions. The all-new 2021 datasets were recently made available, with special pricing for members of NAHB and NAHB Remodelers.

The datasets can be instantly downloaded in Excel files for the entire United States and for specific divisions of the country. NAHB members receive a discount on both products, and NAHB Remodeler members can download the divisional reports for free.

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