NAHB Hurricane Relief Outreach Ongoing in Gulf Coast Region

Disaster Response

The state of Louisiana remains in the cross-hairs of dangerous weather patterns this hurricane season. Hurricane Sally is projected to make landfall in New Orleans on Tuesday. Less than a month ago, Hurricane Laura had a devastating impact on the Gulf coast of Louisiana and Texas, causing severe damage to countless homes and businesses.

NAHB is continuing to work closely with state and local home builder associations in the region to meet the needs of members who are affected by storms and to provide resources to help them rebuild.

The Louisiana Home Builders Association established the Louisiana Home Builders Disaster Relief Fund (LHDRF) dedicated to assisting communities and citizens within disaster areas recover and rebuild. The fund will:

  1. Provide disaster relief assistance to home builders in areas declared by the federal government or the State of Louisiana to be Disaster Areas to allow them to stay in business and begin to rebuild these areas;
  2. Assist communities and citizens located in these Disaster Areas in rebuilding efforts; and,
  3. Educate citizens about proper recovery and rebuilding procedures and the prevention of contractor fraud.

Donations are being accepted through the Louisiana Home Builders Disaster Relief Fund website, with credit cards or checks accepted. All donations are tax deductible.

NAHB is also advising its members of the following resources for more information on Hurricane Laura Relief:

For more information or resources on disaster recovery please visit NAHB’s Disaster Recovery Toolkit or contact Jonathan Falk, Field Specialist for Disaster Relief, at 800-386-5242 x8005.

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