Focus on Your Job Site Safety Plan During National Safety Month

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June is National Safety Month, a public awareness initiative from the National Safety Council (NSC) focused on saving lives and preventing injuries in the workplace and any place. The month can serve as a reminder to home builders to review their job site safety plans, especially for changes prompted by COVID-19. NAHB long been a supporter of National Safety Month and workplace safety. The Safety 365 campaign provides builders and subcontractors free resources to help keep workers safe. This year, NSC's National Safety Month will focus on several pressing workplace safety issues, including:
  • Mental Health
  • Building a Safety Culture
  • Driving
NAHB has resources for these topics available for anyone to use. NAHB recently held a webinar on mental health during the pandemic crisis. In the webinar, experts discuss the everyday challenges presented by the pandemic, and share steps and concrete strategies we can take to cope with stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Many of these strategies can be used in normal times. The webinar replay is free to anyone. Building a culture of safety is a core focus of NAHB safety messaging. Safety starts with leaders building an environment where the health and safety of workers is a top priority. To help home builders with this, NAHB has created a model safety program for residential construction firms. In addition, NAHB provides resources that can be used to create safety training programs. The recent pandemic has added new requirements and guidance to job site safety plans. Consult NAHB's Job Site Safety Guidance for Coronavirus and the COVID-19 Video Toolbox Talk to make sure your safety plan has the latest guidance. Encouraging and enforcing safe driving on and around a job site is a critical part of any safety culture, especially when working in neighborhoods where some homes are occupied. Watch the NAHB Safe Driving Video Toolbox Talk for tips on promoting safe driving amongst workers. Job site safety is important every day of the year. But use National Safety Month as a reminder to pause and think about the safety plan on your job site. For questions about NAHB safety resources, contact Rob Matuga or Christian Culligan.    

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