The Path Forward

Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is a nationwide issue that is pricing residents out of owning homes and driving up the cost of rent. In fact, almost a third of the nation’s households are cost burdened and pay more than 30% of their income for housing. Leaders across the country are looking for potential solutions to help resolve this crisis in their localities.

NAHB partnered with The Hill on the “Building the Dream” series for government officials, community stakeholders and industry experts to discuss how this crisis is being addressed. Check out the videos below to learn more about the key topics affecting housing affordability and what is needed to begin to tackle this critical issue.

Keeping Workers Safe During COVID

TheHill.TV discusses how builders are addressing heightened safety concerns in the wake of COVID-19, including mental health and the toll the pandemic is taking on workers.

Access to Labor Key to Affordability

A recent episode of the “Building the Dream” series from TheHill.TV looks at housing as an area that can boost the economic recovery, but only if the workforce is in place to do it.

Workers Needed to Increase Supply

NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke spotlights one of the critical issues facing the construction industry — a continuing labor shortage — and the opportunities a career in construction can provide in the current labor market.

Top 5 Factors Affecting Affordability

NAHB Chief Economist Dr. Robert Dietz notes the top 5 factors contributing to the key feature of the housing affordability crisis — a lack of inventory.

Hidden Costs of Housing

A recent TheHill.TV episode explores the hidden costs behind rising home prices and how they’re contributing to the housing affordability crisis.

How We Got Here

Americans are struggling to afford one of the most basic human needs — shelter. NAHB CEO Jerry Howard details the factors contributing to the housing affordability crisis.