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Solving the Housing Affordability Crisis

There is no “silver bullet” solution to this crisis. The effort requires comprehensive strategies at the federal, state and local levels to reduce building costs, boost supply and empower home buyers with a mix of housing choices. See how NAHB is working to address these issues.

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NAHB Urges Congress to Act on Housing Affordability Crisis

Testifying at a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing, NAHB Chairman Jerry Konter detailed how the housing affordability crisis is far-reaching and requires action on several key fronts — not just the tax arena.

Housing Affordability Affects Everyone

Here’s what you can do to improve housing affordability in your community.

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Americans Deserve a Choice

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“Missing Middle” of Housing

Providing a range of housing types is key to increase the supply of housing at various price points.

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Rent Control

Rent control policies limit supply and do not address the underlying issues of housing affordability.

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Building Codes

Building codes ensure safe homes. But many codes proposed today are done so without regard to cost to home buyers.

What You Need to Know

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Creating Housing for All Toolkit

Everyone wants a home they can afford that meets their unique needs. Implementing these strategies can help make that happen.

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Housing Opportunity Index

This quarterly measure of area-specific housing affordability is based on home sales and median family income.

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The Public Weighs In

Vast majority of Americans say housing affordability is at a crisis point.