New Employee Construction Safety Toolkit


Injury statistics show that new employees on the job for less than six months have a greater chance of being injured. Providing construction jobsite orientation training to new employees on safety basics will reduce accidents and save your company money.

In some states, many of the construction worker fatalities occur within the first 60 days on the job and in some cases the accident happens on the first day of work. These accidents serve as a red flag to the construction industry and highlight the need for employers to conduct effective safety orientation before new hires set foot on the jobsite.

Top 11 Construction Safety Topics for New Employees

  1. General Safety Rules
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Fall Protection
  4. Ladder Safety
  5. Scaffolding Safety
  6. Electrical Safety
  7. Defensive Driving
  8. Back Safety & Proper Lifting
  9. Trenching & Excavation
  10. Chemical Safety/Hazard Communication
  11. Tool & Equipment Safety

New Employee Safety Orientation: What They Need to Know

Safety Basics - Video Toolbox Talk

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