Finding and Recruiting New Members

Contact: Claudia Richards
Senior Director, Community Member Support
(202) 266-8211

With a clear understanding a how Millennials communicate and what they are looking for, use the following tips to move forward with a program aimed at recruiting and retaining them.

Go virtual to reach young potential members online. This is where they are, so go find them.

  • Create events to attract them. Make sure to give them the option to RSVP or purchase tickets online.
  • Host meetings virtually whenever possible. Young professionals have less control over their ability to leave the office at will. This makes attending meetings easier and can help boost attendance and participation.
  • Create online message boards, through social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Be flexible. Offer a variety of ways for members to get involved; be open to hosting events at non-conventional times, or places; allow individuals to donate or fundraise at their discretion. Sometimes thinking outside the box can be the best approach.

Use your existing network. Have established members reach out to the younger members within their company or circle of influence and invite them to participate. Younger members want to feel included and know their presence is of value, so having older people within the industry reach out will encourage them to participate. If the invitation comes from a supervisor or someone they look up to, they’ll be much more likely to engage.

Tap into students and NAHB student chapters. Individuals who are pursuing a degree that is related to housing or real estate (or thinking about pursuing it as a career field) is a great place to begin recruiting members. Look for students at schools that a Construction Management program or affiliated NAHB student chapter. Plan to visit the schools in your area with flyers and an HBA representative to engage students in a discussion about the industry and get them involved in your organization.