Two young building architects at construction site

Elevate Toolkit

Contact: Claudia Richards
Senior Director, Community Member Support
(202) 266-8211

Elevate is a new initiative created and sponsored by the NAHB Professional Women in Building to recruit and retain young professionals (members age 40 or younger). The council invites local HBAs, their executive officers and other NAHB council and committee members to use Elevate to cultivate their state and local memberships.

  • Understanding Millenials. Elevate’s tagline is: Engaging Younger and Future Members. To effectively recruit and retain these younger members, who typically fall within the Millennial, and to a lesser extent, the Gen X, age range, it’s important to understand their professional needs, thoughts and desires, when it comes to a member association. The biggest difference between Millennials and other generations, including Gen X, is the way they communicate, what they want out of life and what they look for in a career. Read more
  • Finding and Recruiting New Members. With a clear understanding a how Millennials communicate and what they are looking for, use the following tips to move forward with a program aimed at recruiting and retaining them. Go virtual to reach young potential members online. This is where they are, so go find them. Read more
  • Hosting Successful Under-40 Events. Be motivated and excited, but sometimes it’s best to start small. Try one event this year to see what kind of response comes from it, and move forward from there. Read more