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NAHB is inviting all student members and local associations to join us in celebrating Careers in Construction Month in October. Get involved in your community to help increase public awareness of the opportunities available in the skilled trades.

Although October is officially Careers in Construction Month, you can choose any month, week, or day that works for you. Ongoing efforts are important to achieving the goal of increasing the number of construction professionals in your area.

Smash the Stereotypes of Construction Careers - TikTok Challenge for 2021
NAHB Student Chapters challenges educators, students and construction professionals to help change the misconceptions of our industry that still persist. Construction careers are still viewed as unfavorable to some, including many young people. Please join us in our TikTok challenge to smash the stereotypes of construction careers and have a chance to win one of four $250 prizes.

Use the resources below to maximize your participation in Careers in Construction Month.

Marketing and Advertising Materials

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Sample Activities

Whether virtual or in-person, hosting an event can be an effective way of sharing career opportunities and engaging young individuals with your community’s builder members. Select a few activities that you and your members can do in your community to spread the word about careers in construction.

Working with your local schools is a great way to help start the conversation. Connect with your Student Chapters to schedule events on their calendars and to find out which activities match best with their classroom and program needs.

  • Open Up Your Site: Ask a local construction site to host an in-person or virtual field trip. Students will be able to gather first-hand information about what it takes to have a successful career in construction.
  • Equipment Demonstrations: Take five minutes to showcase how to use one or more tools or pieces of equipment on the jobsite. You can do a live, remote demonstration and/or record your video and post on social media with the tag #CareersInConstructionMonth.
  • Build a Resume: Help students prepare for a career in construction by coordinating a resume building session. Provide interview and resume tips.
  • Visit a Classroom: Zoom and other video conferencing programs make remote presentations or slideshows a breeze. Present the customizable Careers in the Construction Trades PowerPoint to local students. Also, access the Cheat Sheet for using the Careers in Construction Trades presentation.
  • Proclaim October as Careers in Constructions Month: Help us make Careers in Construction Month officially recognized in every state! Any state resident can file a proclamation for his or her governor or mayor to sign. Here is a sample proclamation and proclamation tips to get you started.

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