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Disaster Resources

How to Spot a Scam Contractor After a Storm

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Unfortunately, some home owners fall victim to scam contractors following a natural disaster. Share this article with your community to help them identify legitimate, ethical contractors.

How Home Builders Can Help Their Communities Rebuild After a Disaster

Your Local Connections Can Assist Those in Need

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Guidelines, checklists and best practices to prep your business, HBA or job site in the event of an emergency.

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Information on how to coordinate with federal agencies, apply for assistance and reports and guides for rebuilding.

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Procedures for cleaning up hazards, removing debris and videos on how workers can protect themselves on a job site.

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Consumer Information

Advice for home owners on the rebuilding process and how to find a qualified builder or contractor.

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Customizable Materials

Social media posts, flyers, brochures, press release templates and other resources.