Member Benefits

Exclusive Opportunities to Grow Important Business Relationships

Every pro knows that networking can be a key to business success. That’s why NAHB focuses on providing ample opportunities for members to network in both formal and informal settings.

With 140,000 members from all areas of the housing industry, NAHB is a one-stop networking shop. NAHB, along with your state and local associations, provide countless ways for you to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals, future customers and suppliers.

Centrals at the International Builders’ Show

The International Builders’ Show features designated “Centrals,” special areas for members engaged in the fields of remodeling, custom building, multifamily, 55+ construction, design and sales. A variety of activities are available inside the Centrals including workshops, networking events, roundtable discussions and guided product tours of the exhibit hall. Each Central offers a specific area of focus within the building industry with its own schedule of events.

20 Clubs Take Networking to a Whole New Level

NAHB’s 20 Clubs are comprised of similar type builders or remodelers from non-competing markets who meet several times a year to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Members share and compare financial information, look for trouble spots, and offer each other advice on how to improve performance and increase profit margins. NAHB analysis indicates that 20 Club members perform better than non-members in financial growth and long-term success.

Meetings and Events

Learn more about upcoming NAHB meetings and events held around the country.

Mailing List Service

The NAHB Mailing List Service (MLS) provides members with networking and business opportunities through direct mail. Members and others may rent the list to reach more than 117,000 industry professionals or target their marketing to more specific building-industry interest areas. Discounted rates are available to NAHB members for year-round list rentals.

NAHB Connect

Easily engage with your industry peers through NAHB’s online networking platform.