Mailing List Service

Contact: Stephanie Thomas
Director, Marketing Operations
(202) 266-8125

The NAHB Mailing List Service (MLS), in continuous operation since it was established in 1986, has the primary goal of providing members with networking and business opportunities through direct mail. Members and others may rent the list to reach more than 117,000 industry professionals or target their marketing to more specific building-industry interest areas.

The mailing list is available for direct mail use to promote building-related products and services. Email campaigns are also available and must be transmitted through our list manager, The Information Refinery.

Promoting your product or service through direct mail to NAHB members is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available, offering direct access to thousands of NAHB members. What’s more, specific selections and regular updates make it easy to deliver your offer to your exact target audience and maximize response rates for your mailings.

For targeted sales recommendations, please email Brahm Schenkman or call 800-529-9020 ext. 5002.

For pricing information and to view the data cards, please visit:

NAHB Mailing List

NAHB Email List

* NAHB members receive discounted rates on year-round list rentals.