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Sustainability and Green Building Subcommittee

Subcommittee Overview

This subcommittee advises the Environmental Issues Committee on its oversight responsibilities related to environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction issues.

It also coordinates with other NAHB committees, councils and other affiliated groups to advocate for sustainability and green building initiatives and policies. Members do this by:

  • Monitoring and advocating for federal legislation, policies and programs that promote voluntary above-code practices,
  • Providing assistance to HBAs in the adoption of state and local legislation and policies that advance voluntary above-code practices,
  • Promoting and encouraging the use of the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard,
  • Providing technical assistance and education to members, and
  • Providing information on the benefits of sustainability and building green.

Neither the subcommittee chair nor any of the subcommittee members are required to be members of the Environmental Issues Committee, but must be NAHB members in good standing.

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Sustainability and Green Building Subcommittee